▷ To customers who use  K-Packet ◁

Depending on the country/region delivery situation, the following may occur:

1. The delivery man left a notice in the mailbox without any actual delivery attempts.
2. Leave the item in front of the mailbox or door without face-to-face delivery.
3. You have to go directly to the post office to pick up the goods.

As a result, when ordering K-Packet, the recipient needs to actively collect it, and theft, loss, and misdelivery may occur.
Accurate delivery cannot be guaranteed and a missing investigation claim cannot be made. Please be aware of this.

[The current delivery time for K-Packet]
The K-Packet service for most countries are being delayed than usual.
→ It takes more than a month(30~45days). It's been delayed a lot.

It usually takes about a month to deliver, but now it's significantly slower because of the corona(COVID-19).
It takes much more time than a month. That's why it can't update the delivery quickly.

(K-Packet is a time-consuming delivery method since the shipping cost is very low. We recommend using DHL for fast and accurate delivery.)