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ENPRANI Youthcell Treatment Ampoule Mask (10Sheet)

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ENPRANI Youthcell Treatment Ampoule Mask


▶ Place of Origin : South Korea


▶ Volume : (25ml/0.85 fl.oz.)*10EA


▶ major component


: Madonna Lily petal extract, Madonna Lily Hanamizu, green tea extract


▶ Product Description


: Content can lily hydration and skin soothing


: Given a moisturizing the texture of dry skin, leads to moist and healthy skin.


: Pores widened to give the elasticity, to represent to the skin with a youthful, vibrant.


▶ How to use


: After skin care, it peels off 15 to 20 minutes after the mask is brought into close contact the mask.






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10.23 USD
Total Price : 10.23 USD