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Mediheal Platinum V-Lift Essential Mask (5EA)

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Mediheal Platinum V-lift Essential Mask   


▶ Country of Origin : South Korea

▶ Manufacturer :  Mediheal

▶ Volume : 25ml*5EA

▶ Product Description


: High-density cellulose sheet

: Tested all sensitive types of skin irritation

: Platinum for mild action on the skin is the component that imparts vitality while protect the health of the skin.

: Platinum, which was fine particles can become better skin absorption.

: Giving a sense of tension in the skin, it helps the skin of vitality.

: For us to tell the efficacy of the concentrated essence helped to intensive care in the use of cellulose mask sheet of silk feel us to the joint until a fine


 irregularity face more mild.

▶ Direction for Use


  2. 1. After cleansing, then trimmed the texture of the skin with a toner, and to adhere the sheet to the face to match the shape of the face after knitting retrieval of the mask.

    2. between about 15 to 20 minutes, after taking a comfortable rest, peel off the mask.

    3. After removing the mask, the essence that remain in the face will be absorbed by tapping.

    * Monthly centralized management program *

    Taking into account the 4 weeks of the turnover cycle of skin, 2-3 times per week, it is most effective to be used 4 consecutive weeks. 




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