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Mediheal PDF AC Defense Nude Gel Mask 1p

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Mediheal  PDF AC-Defense Nude Gel Mask 


▶ Country of Origin : South Korea

▶ Contents : 30g *1P

▶ Product Description


: Salicylic acid, allantoin 

: Super adhesion nude gel mask

: Skin irritation Tested

: Wrinkle functionality

: Many secretion of sebum on the basis of the experts of the know-how of the skin, for us to adjust the excess sebum secreted into the sensitive skin.

: It does not flow the essence to be tightly adhered to the skin, which was bent by the cross-section of the special fabricated embossed structure, and pass effectively active ingredient.

: You can free activity in the state in which with the pack.





▶ Direction for Use




1. After cleansing, then trimmed the texture of the skin toner, on and opening the pouch, remove each of the film of both of the mask that has been under isolation.

2. Looking at M, so as to be in contact with the skin, to the top of the mask, in the center of the eye, the lower part of the face, and then paste it to fit the part of the mouth.

3. Kururingamu lasting about 10 to 20 minutes and after taking a comfortable rest together, you peel off the mask.

* Use time, it can be adjusted depending on skin type and condition of.

* Monthly centralized management program *

Taking into account the 4 weeks of the turnover cycle of skin, 2-3 times per week, it is most effective to be used 4 consecutive weeks.




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