ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool Personal Brow Band

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ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool Personal Brow Band


Manufacturing company:ETUDE HOUSE

▶ Place of origin:Korea

▶ Volume
2EA/Good for 8 sessions of use

Product Description

The NEW eyebrow guide band that can be freely used to fit your eyebrow shape

Product Features

Personal Brow Guide

    Unlike existing brow guides, it is divided into upper and lower eyebrows so that it can be used according to the size and shape of my eyebrows.
    Adjust the eyebrow thickness and shape freely to create a perfect brow makeup that fits your eyebrow shape!

How to use

Place the upper part of the brow band to the above the eyebrow.

2. Place the lower part of the brow band to the below the eyebrow.

3. Make sure you have the desired type of eyebrows, then use the eyebrow product to complete the beautiful eyebrows.

4. Remove the brow band.


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