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ETUDE HOUSE Drawing Slim Eyebrow1.5mm

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ETUDE HOUSE Drawing Slim Eyebrow 1.5mm



▶ Manufacturing company:ETUDE HOUSE


▶ Place of origin:Korea


▶ Volume:0.0010z./0.05g

Main ingredients

Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Mica, Red Iron Oxide, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Titanium Dioxide, Methicone

▶ Product Description

Draw sophisticated and natural eyebrows with slim 1.5mm long-lasting pencil

▶ Product Features

1. Delicate touch with 1.5mm slim pencil

    1.5mm slim pencil enables you to draw naturally outline of eyebrows and fill in each eyebrow hair, creating delicate and sophisticated brow makeup.

2. Long-Lasting Hard Formula Texture

    A hard formula like pencil lead creates long-lasting eyebrow makeup without clumping even if applied several times.

3. Natural Brow Color

    It consists of various colors that match with hair color and creates a sophisticated and soft impression.

▶ How to use

1. Draw the outline of eyebrows as you want.

2. Fill naturally starting from inner corner of eyebrows.

3. After filling to the outer corner of eyebrows, comb them with the screw brush to create natural and delicate eyebrow makeup.

* Tip

:It is 1.5mm super slim type, so it can be easily broken. Please twist to dispense certain amount when you use.


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