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▶ Place of origin:Korea

▶ Description of item 


:High-coloring & high-moisturizing pot lip that gives shiny lips with rich moisturizing and colori


:The vivid color that gives lively vividness creates a lovely lip makeup that calls for love.


:With A double moisturizing effect that prevents and holds the evaporation of moisture from the lips,

    it forms a transparent protective film on the lips and expresses the moist shimmer.


:Vitamin tree fruit oil with high nutritional and moisturizing feeling and a berry complex that gives vitality to dry lips

    help moisturize and smooth lip care.



▶ Color



▶ how to use


: Apply it from the inside to the outside of the lips along the lip line, as if naturally filling.



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  • ★★★★★ | day*** | 2022-03-03

    excelente!! para ser solo un balsamo dura bastante, el tono brick red es muy bonito y el envase igual <3333 volveré a comprar otros tonos mas adelante. 3ce nunca decepciona

  • ★★★★★ | sgs*** | 2020-03-18

    love the product! i've got woody rose and it's just like on the picture, the reddish colour makes the lips look beautiful and fuller, it also moisturizes lips because its simply a tinted vaseline, which could be more moisturizing in my opinion and that's its only little flaw. Other than that it's cute and small, very portable to throw it into a small bag and the compact mirror makes it easier to apply on the go! Also, the colour keeps lips tinted for about 2 hours without fixing them. Would definitely recommend


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