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Mediheal Therafin Hand Mask 10ea

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Mediheal Therafin Hand Mask
▶ Country of origin : South Korea

▶ Contents :( 7ml/0.23 fl.oz. *2EA)x 10 Pack

▶ Product description
 : Improves wrinkles and moisturizes, nutrition, and contains paraffin & ceramide

 : Skin irritation test completed

 : Makes your rough and dried hands smooth and moist, as if they were specially treated

 : It contains paraffin, shea butter, and ceramide to make your entire hand moisturized and smooth as if you had a hand massage.

 : An anti-wrinkle functional hand mask that provides sufficient nutrition to cuticles and nails as well as dry and rough hands with
   argan tree kernel oil, urea and adenosine.

▶ How to use

 1. Wash your hands and dry.

 2. After opening the product, take out the hand mask and divide it into two according to the dotted line.
    Put each hand into the hand mask soaked with essence and wear it.

 3. Peel off the stickers on both sides of the patent ring attached to the hand sheet, wind it around your wrist, turn it and fix it
     with the adhesive side. (After wearing, it is better to massage or acupressure so that the contents can be absorbed well.)

 4. After about 10-20 minutes of free activity, remove the hand mask and gently massage and absorb the remaining essence.
    (You do not need to wash your hands after use.) * Please use only for one-time use.


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