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KLAVUU Pure Pearlsation Divine Pearl Cleansing Oil

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KLAVUU PURE PEARLSATION Divine Pearl Cleansing Oil

▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume  : 150ml/5.07 oz.

▶ Product Description

: By combining the massage function and cleansing function, you can easily care for the wastes in your skin.

: Get a special cleansing care that gives your skin a moist pearl glow with the cleansing oil suggested by KLAVUU.

: Moist and smooth cleansing power that perfectly removes makeup

: It is a process that erases everything from waterproof makeup to wastes in the pores without irritation.


▶ How to use

: After pumping about 3 times, apply it to your face and neck and massage gently by drawing a circle.

: Exfoliation remaining on the skin's surface is removed without irritation.

: Before rinsing with water, spray with Divine Pearl Serum Mist and emulsify into an emulsion type, gently
  massage in a circular motion and wash off.

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