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[OUTLET] MOONSHOT Reve de Paris Stick Extream Pro

Code: 1612485536 | Weight: 60g

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MOONSHOT Reve de Paris Stick Extream Pro 

▶ Expire Date
#604 : 23 Dec 2022

▶ Manufacturing company : Cosmax Co., Ltd.

▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume  : 3.5g / 0.12 fl.oz.

▶ Product Description

 : A lipstick of 6 colors that can create a variety of moods from basic to point and deep color.

 : With the color UHD system, the color is vividly developed and the color lasts long.

 : With an easy blur fit, it can glide smoothly and fill the gaps between lips as if applying a primer
   to express velvety matte lips.

 : It is a compact size lipstick that can be worn in one hand.



 : Blur texture that fits smoothly.

▶ How to use

 : Apply gently along the lip line from the inside of the lips to the outside.

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