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ETUDE HOUSE Cute Eyes Maker

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ETUDE HOUSE Cute Eyes Maker

▶ Manufacturing company : Hwaseong Chemical​ Co., Ltd.

▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume : 0.6g / 0.02 oz.

▶ Product Description

 : Anyone can easily complete the aegyo sal eyes by shading with a dedicated liner and filling it with aegyo sal

 : It consists of a 2mm slim liner that is good for delicately expressing shadows under the eyes and a glitter tip
   applicator designed to fit the size of the aegyo sal.

☆Aegyosal Liner : It used the most natural texture and color for the aegyo sal shadow.

☆Aegyosal Glitter : Glitter and shimmer that sparkle differently depending on the angle are mixed in an
   appropriate ratio.



▶ How to use

1. With the aegyo sal liner, lightly draw 3~5mm under the eyes to create a shadow line.

2. Fill the aegyo sal with glitter to complete the aegyo sal.

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