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PERIPERA Speedy Drawing Longwear Brow

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PERIPERA Speedy Drawing Longwear Brow
▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume : 1.7g / 0.05 fl.oz.

▶ Product Description

 : A retouch-proof brow that fills in the eyebrows and fixes the texture.

 : It adheres to the eyebrows and is preserved even if touched unintentionally, reducing worries about

 : It uses a fixer-like fixing power with a Clear Oil Gel base.

 : Even if you apply it several times, the color is like watercolor and expresses the eyebrows naturally.


▶ How to use

1. Outline the eyebrows with the sharp end of the tip.

2. Fill in the gaps between the eyebrows naturally with the beveled part of the tip.

3. Gently comb along the eyebrow texture with a screw brush.

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