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We've prepared a super bargain box that you can't buy anywhere.

The contents are all random.
There are a lot of good things in it and you can enjoy it without omission.
There may be 5-6 points or more!
Eye makeup, lipstick, face, cheek, etc. can be put in a lot!!

What is your favorite color? smileyheart

There is a happy option!
You can choose your own skin tone.

If you choose a skin tone, we will ship products that can be used according to your personal color.

Bluebase (cool, summer/winter)
Yellow Base (Warm, Spring and Autumn)

* There is no accurate standard for determining personal color or matching color, and subjective individuals have different opinions.
We do not accept refunds or exchanges due to color-related complaints.Please understand the characteristics of the random box.
* The color of the above image is for reference only.It does not necessarily include the product in the image color.

※NOTICE (Please read it.)

1. The contents of the lucky bag are all combined as described above,
and the composition of the random product is left to you.

We do not accept arbitrary changes or specifications.

2. As it is a very discounted price, we do not accept any refunds or exchanges.
Please be aware of this before ordering.

3. Please refer to the individual product sales page for more information on each product.

4. Some of them are included with less than one year of use, but there is no problem with using them.

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  • ★★★★★ | sjm*** | 2022-01-27

    This box is a great valuel! My surprise box came with 8 items! The Innisfree no sebum mineral powder is a lifesaver for people with oily skin. It readily absorbs the oil and leaves the skin looking matte without a white cast. The Apieu juicy pang blush in VL01 is a natural looking brightening light pink. The texture of the blush is like playdough and it's very easy to use! The 3ce nail lacquer has a beautiful reddish caramel colour perfect for fall and winter, but must be used with a top coat. It has a tendency to chip within an hour of wear if no top coat is applied. The Saem magic gloss tint changes to a pink colour on the lips and has a pleasant fruity scent, however, it feels a bit heavy on the lips. The Missha Glitter Prism in "Ultimate Prism" is a very flattering peachy purple colour with fine shimmer. The Saem Tip concealer covers just enough without looking dry and cake. It gives a very natural look. The Romand glasting water tint in Rose Splash is very pigmented and gives a glossy finish without being too drying. The 3ce velvet lip tint has a very moisturizing matte finish that feels light yet comfortable on the lips. The colour "Private" is a cool red that brightens the complexion.


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