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INNISFREE Jeju Artemisia Calming Water

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INNISFREE Jeju Artemisia Calming Water
▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume : 120ml / 4.05 fl.oz.

▶ Product Description

 : A skin that calms down dry and tired skin by providing an immediate moisture filling effect with Artemisia
   repair dressing water.

 : It helps maintain skin balance with a slightly acidic formula similar to the pH of a healthy skin surface.

 : It provides moisture like foggy rain on dry skin with light and fine spraying power.


 : Fine mist spray mist type.
▶ How to use

이니스프리 - 제주 사철쑥 카밍 워터

 : Keep a distance of 20 to 30 cm from your face, close your eyes, and spray evenly toward your face. 

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