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NATURE REPUBLIC Green Derma Tea Tree Cica Spot Serum

Code: 1636694034 | Weight: 90g

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  • ★★★★☆ | flo*** | 2022-07-26

    I've used this several times since purchasing and while I'm still testing it, I think it does work pretty well. The texture is like a watery gel and my only complaint is that it doesn't seem to absorb very well when you apply it. It keeps slipping and sliding as you try to rub it in so eventually I just leave it and let it dry. Nevertheless, it seems to still do its job because it's been working for me so far. This also means you don't need much product so it should last a good while. I love the smell! It has an herbal, almost medicinal type fragrance (naturally, there's no fragrance added) which definitely makes me think it's doing great things to heal my skin :)


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10.85 USD
Total Price : 10.85 USD