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IOPE Air Cushion 15g (Refill)

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IOPE New Air Cushion 
▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume : 15g/0.52 oz. (Refill)

▶ Product Description

 : An air cushion cover that expresses bright skin for a long time with a dense coverage that adheres
   to the skin for a long time.

 : It covers skin troubles such as blemishes, redness, pores, and wrinkles for 12 hours without darkening.

 : It realizes a thin and light matte finish without the roughness peculiar to high-cover products.

 : Applying a super fit film former with excellent adhesion reduces smearing and erasing.

 : The denser network structure, the puff, helps a dense and delicate cover.



▶ How to use
1. Use alone at the foundation stage or for finishing after applying the foundation.

2. Take the contents into a puff and cover the entire face along the skin texture as if tapping.
    Re-apply once more to increase coverage.

3. If the contents no longer come out by pressing the cushion deeply with your fingers, the contents are
    used up.
    Replace with a new refill container.


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