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MEDIHEAL Brightening Bubble Tox Serum Mask10EA

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MEDIHEAL Brightening Bubble Tox Serum Mask
▶ Country of origin:South Korea

▶ Contents:(25ml / 0.845 oz.) *10EA

▶ Product description
 : Brightening effect with bright toning complex and Luisant Mela XD patent composition!

 : Rice bran water, glutathione, pearl extract, milk protein extract ingredients help to brighten the skin.
 : Fresh cream pack self-care at esthetic treatment!

 : Improved skin clarity with the massage effect of rich green fresh cream bubble serum

 : You don't need to wash it off, you can attach it, remove it, and then absorb it.

 : Bubbles in the sheet adhere to the skin, giving a self-bubble massage effect.
 : Specially designed sheet prevents bubbles from penetrating the eyes, giving comfort.

▶ How to use

 1) After wipe the skin with a toner, take out the sheet and apply it evenly over the entire face.

 2) The first bubble occurs on the seat and wait for about 10 ~ 20 minutes.

 3) Take off the sheet and tap the secondary bubble on the skin.



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26.86 USD
Total Price : 26.86 USD