▼ All K-Packet(Registered Airmail) / EMS Service

The K-Packet/EMS service have a serious delay than usual.
Because the flight schedule is unusual due to COVID-19
→ It takes more than a month to ship. Especially K-packet takes longer.

1. Drastic reduced flight schedules
2. A
 decrease in the number of working people at airports in each country.


▼ K-Packet /EMS : Suspended Country

If you can't see your country when choosing a delivery method(EMS or K-Packet) at the order step,
it is currently impossible to ship to your country due to COVID-19's spread

For customers in countries where EMS and K-Packets are not available, please select DHL.

DHL shipping is available in most countries.

※ Some countries cannot ship by DHL. Due to customs policy issues, such as customs clearance, etc.

▼ K-Packet /EMS : Country-specific Notice


Customs clearance is being delayed due to lack of manpower and increased shipments.
* If the recipient's address is the U.S. military, please contact us separately. We are sending it after checking the address. If you haven't inquired, we won't refund the shipping fee even if it's returned.

[Not Available Area]
Puerto rico, Virgin IS, Guam, Marshall IS, Saipan, American SAMOA, Palau
(But, available to ship by DHL) 

[Not Available Area & Zip code]
Palawan Island : 5314,5315,5316,5317
Mindoro Island : 5110,5111

*Metro Manila Area is available to ship and offer the delivery information.
(But, there's a possibility of delay.)
*Other areas are available to ship, but there are limited services provided.
*The tracking services such as delivery confirmation and guidance services related to delivery delays or absence are limited.

[Not Available Area & Zip code]

* The first two digits of the zip code (91, 83, 69, 73, 95) 
(UPDATE 2022.10.17~ )