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[Outlet] Mediheal I.P.I Light Max Ampoule Mask (1EA)

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Mediheal I.P.I Light Max Ampoule Mask


Expiry date: 11 May. 2024


▶ Country of Origin : South Korea

▶ Contents :(25ml / 0.84 fl.oz)*3EA


▶ Product Description


  : Synergy effect of C-AA2G and light solution create bright and transparent skin.

  : Arbutin creates bright and clear skin from inside.


  : Silk like cellulose sheet that fits to delicate curve of face.


  : Cellulose sheet delivers enriched essence mildly.


  : Cellulose sheet (100% pure cotton)

▶ Direction for Use

  2.   1. After washing your face, adjust skin texture with toner and fit the mask to the face.
  4.   2. Remove after 15-20 minutes and pat the remainder essence.


  * Apply 2-3 times a week continuously for 4 weeks.






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