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Privacy Policy

1. How to entry and collection of personal information we collect

Beauty Korea will join, and collect the following personal information for non-purchase counseling, prevention of the use of such defects.

2. The purpose of the collection and use of personal information

Beauty Korea will utilize the collected personal information for the following purposes.

1. In accordance with the contract and service charges on settlement services, content delivery, purchasing and billing, sent items, such as delivery or billing, financial transactions, identity authentication and Financial Services

2. Member Management

Make yourself according to the membership service, personal identification, illegal use prevention and unauthorized use prevention of defective member, join doctors confirm, age verification, such as complaints handling complaints, notices delivered

3. Build your marketing and advertising

Events such as advertising information delivery, access frequency statistics for the membership of understanding or services

3. Retention of personal information and use duration

Beauty Korea after the collection and use of personal information, in principle, the purpose has been achieved without delay to destroy that information. However, the Law and the confirmation of transaction-related administrative duties related as follows in accordance with the provisions of such laws and regulations "Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce" two euros if you need to hold a certain period of time, you should retain a certain period of time.

- Cancellation of the contract or record concerning: five years (Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce)

- Records of payments and the supply of goods: 5 years (Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce)

- Records of the handling of consumer complaints and disputes: 3 years (Law on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce)

- Records of the identity verification: 6 months (the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection)

- Record of the visit (log): 3 months (Communications Privacy Act)