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The Saem Cover Perfection Ideal Concealer Duo

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The Saem Cover Perfection Ideal Concealer Duo 
Place of Origin: South Korea

4.2g/0.14 oz.+4.5g/0.15 oz.

major component

: Tips
    Gen Teana extract, yarrow extract, mugwort extract, arnica flower extract, yeast extract

    Argan tree kernel oil, olive oil, coconut oil, Gen Teana extract, yarrow extract, mugwort extract,
    Arnica flower extract, yeast extract

Product Description

: UV-blocking functional cosmetics

: Two types of concealer, a dual-type concealer to care a disadvantage with a powerful cover force

Product Features

: Shadow under the eyes of grayish, and fairly cover the wounds of the skin, such as rash and dull the director makes the color of the clean and uniform skin.

: The good tip type concealer stick-type concealer and smooth adhesion of creamy texture is composed of a dual type
   2 in1 concealer duo who the shortcomings of the skin you want to hide and cover like a lie

: Remains of tips concealer contents of the cover Perfection (liquid part)!
   The is even more concealer us to defense vigorously scratch the skin clean stick part that will cover the various drawbacks site.


How to use

: [Dark Circle full cover]

- After made me a moist eyes in the eye cream, then painted stick concealer, then was about 5 seconds joints, after painted stretched to hit
      Tip hopping took adapt to cover complete a perfect dark circles if give me is in the concealer!

- Let soften to hit after using the stick and tips concealer to the part you want to foundation and Bibi use front / rear cover.

: [Stick type of use front / rear]

: Before you use the hint type / rear]

: [Color Comparison left stick type l the right side of the hint type

          No.1                   No.1.5                  No. 2

(Clear Beige)       (Natural Beige)        (rich beige)

※, because the cover force paint stretching may be poor, we finished banging.

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