ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool-Jellyfish Silicone Brush

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ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool-Jellyfish Silicone Brush


▶ Place of origin:Korea

Product Description

Soft silicone brush that helps to cleanse every corner of your pores with abundant, dense foam

▶ Product Features

1. Exfoliating + Massaging + Cleansing at once!

All-in-one Pore Brush!

    The combination of richer and denser foam through the sponge, and dense silicone brush bristles cleanses the every pore.

3. Easy to clean!

    Unlike previous pore brushes that were not dry well and have a risk of bacterial growth,

    after using, separate the sponge and silicone, clean and dry, and you can use it easily and hygienically.

4. Cute Jellyfish Brush

    The soft, cute jellyfish-shaped brush that fits in one hand makes cleansing time fun.

How to use

Wet the silicone brush with water.

2. Squeeze the cleansing foam in the sponge hole at the bottom.

3. Rub the brush to create foam.

4. Cleanse your skin in a circular motion with foam using dense silicone brush bristles, and gently massages the face using a thicker brush on the other side.

* How to massage!

You can also use it when cleaning makeup puffs~

After use, separate sponge and silicone, clean thoroughly, then dry in a shady place.

* Before the first use, clean this product with cleansing foam.

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  • ★★★★★ | LLi*** | 2020-07-15

    It’s amazing how good it works, my face feels clean and healthy. It’s very easy to use

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