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PETITFEE Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch 1pack (60pcs)

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PETITFEE Black Pearl&Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch
▶ Place of Origin: South Korea
▶ Contents: 
60 pieces (30days)

▶ major component : Black pearl & gold compenent 
▶ Product Description

: The concentrated essence and the moisture that blended with the black pearl and gold ingredient makes the eye area firm and elastic.

: Black Pearl which contains 20 kinds of mineral and amino acid for no blemish clear and gorgeous skin.


: Vitality of gold keeps healthy skin tone and vital eye-skin.


: Intensive care for sensitive and weak eye-skin with this taegeuk-shaped eye patch.

▶ How to use

1. Prepares the skin toner after cleansing.
2. Use a spoon that is in the product, take out the patch.
3. Paste the patch to the eyes and spot.
4. After 30 minutes, After removing the patch, you adapt to putting a face.
* Patch used was dissolved in warm water, use for washing the face and body care





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