MISSHA Pro Touch Powder Pact

Brand: MISSHA | Code: 1500862240 | Volume: 10g/0.35oz.
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MISSHA Pro Touch Powder Pact

▶ Place of origin:South Korea

▶ Internal capacity10g / 0.35oz.

▶ Product Description

:The fine powder is coated tightly on the skin,

    so Pressed powder pact gives the skin a smooth and radiant appearance just like a professional touch.

:UV protection functional cosmetics(SPF25/ PA++)

▶ Product features

Convenient anytime, anywhere

    : It is easy to adjust the amount in the form of pressed powder, high adhesion, easy to carry with less dusting.

2. Light feeling like air

     : It is made of fine, light powder particles, making it thin and naturally smooth, just like nothing else.


3. Broken ZERO, Lump ZERO

     : It fills the pores and unevenness without breaking, and tightly adheres to the skin without clumping to cover naturally like natural skin.


4. Brightly Long-lasting cover

     : The pro layer setting system keeps the fine powder firmly and keeps the makeup for a long time without breaking the external stimulus.

* Pro layer setting system

  : The 'Fixative Polymer' ingredient that fixes the powder to the skin and 'Rosin Extract' to enhance the skin adhesion

    improves the appearance of the skin without falling down for a long time.

▶ how to use

Apply the appropriate amount of puff to the puff and spread it lightly

    and The area with bending is applied as if pressed.




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