APIEU No Dirty Brush Cleaning Sponge

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APIEU No Dirty Brush Cleaning Sponge


▶ Place of origin:Korea

▶ Description of item


:Brush can be cleaned simply by scratching the dirty brush on sponge gently.


:The No Dirty Brush Cleaning Sponge can be thoroughly cleaned with a softer, more dense sponge.


:If one side of the sponge becomes dirty, you can turn it over again and use it again.

   Sponge that both sides used can be reused by washing with water.


:Suitable for cleaning brushes stained with powder (shadows, blusher, etc.) type contents.


▶ How to use



: Rub the brushes that need to be cleaned on a sponge gently to remove the makeup residue.


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1.88 USD
Total Price : 1.88 USD