Skylake Baby Cleansing Towel

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Skylake Baby Cleansing Towel


▶ Manufacturing company:Skylake


▶ Place of origin:Korea


▶ Size:11cm*13cm

▶ Description of item 


:It is an effective cleansing towel to sensitive skin, baby skin, all over the skin when used in morning cleansing.


:No-irritating cleansing towel to relieve sensitive skin!
   (It is also effective for bathing infants and newborn babies.)


:One minute in the morning, you can keep your skin clean and clear.


:The micro-space of the micro-fiber material generates a lot of micro-bubbles and removes waste, sebum, and keratin

    that are accumulated on the skin without stimulation.



▶ how to use


: In the morning and evening cleansing, take a lot of soap bubbles and cleanse as if gently massaging along the skin texture.


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12.00 USD
Total Price : 12.00 USD