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APIEU Honey and Milk Lip Oil

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APIEU Honey&Milk Lip Oil



▶ Place of origin:Korea


▶ Internal capacity:5g / 0.17 fl.oz.


▶ Description of item 


:Lip oil only that nourishing & moisturizing ingredients of honey and milk care to elastic and dense lips

   It is a close-fitting oil formulation that keeps the moisture of your lips tight for a long time, creating a resilient lips.


:Honey extract and milk protein extract form a moisturizing film on your lips for healthy and smooth lips.


:With a soft milky scent, it is sweet to the mood.


▶ Texture

▶ how to use

: Gently apply an appropriate amount to dry lips. If the lips are very dry,

    it may be used as a substitute for lip balm.



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3.10 USD
Total Price : 3.10 USD