[2018 NEW] ETUDE HOUSE Any Cushion Duo Case

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[2018 NEW] ETUDE HOUSE Any Cushion Duo Case



▶ Manufacturing company:ETUDE HOUSE

▶ Place of origin:Korea

▶ Internal capacity:1EA


▶ Product Description


 : Any Cushion Duo Case that puts together cushion and any balm to make various make-up with one cushion


▶ Product Features


 : A cushion duo case that can be combined variously according to the desired skin expression


    A moist balm texture is applied over both cheeks as if it is permeated, and keeps the color clear for a long time.


▶ How to use


※ Dual Assembly Method



1. After opening the lid of the cushion container that you have, push the bottom upwards and remove it.


2. Open the lower lid of the Any Cushion duo case and fit the seperated content into the case.


3. Open the upper lid of the Any Cushion duo case and combine the Any balm in the desired direction.


4. Fantastic duo cushion combined the cushion and the any balm will be completed.




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Total Price : 6.50 USD