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▶ Place of origin:China

▶ Internal capacity : 1EA

▶ Materials


 : Wood, Swine bristle


▶ Product Description


 : Body Brush that provide body deep cleansing and massage effects, giving coolness and freshness to areas out of reach


 : Body Deep Cleansing & Massage Effect


▶ Product Features


1. Minimized damage on bristles by usinag swine bristles (not artificial bristles)


    Swine bristles dipped in water reduce irritation to the skin and can be used for a long time without being pressed flat.


2. Care for dead skin cells and pimples on the that lacked with body towel


    It is possible to take care of every corner which you can not reach by hand with long length of 39cm.

    Upgrading exfoliating effect! It is very effective in removing dead skin cells on elbow or heel!


3. It has a strap so you can hang it anywhere!



▶ How to use


 : Moisten enough the brush with lukewarm water and apply a small amount of body wash to the bristles, and bubble out.


* If you use stiff swine bristles in dry condition, it may cause irritation to your skin. Please use it after soaking for 5 ~ 10 minutes.


* After use, please hang in a well-ventilated place and dry the brush cleanly.




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8.78 USD
Total Price : 8.78 USD