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ENPRANI Dust Shield Moist Peeling Gel

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ENPRANI Dust Shield Moist Peeling Gel


▶ Place of origin:Korea


▶ Volume : 200ml / 6.76 oz.


▶ Main ingredients



 : POLLUSTOP™, Flexible Lipsosome NMF(T-NMF™), EXO-P™, Phyto Mild Foam Complex


▶ Product Description


 : Dust Shield Moisture Peeling Gel that contains patented ingredients of fine dust and gives soft exfoliation with a rich moisture and makes skin smooth.


▶ Product Features


1. Contains French patented ingredient - Pollustop


    Anionic polysaccharide protects skin from contaminants and heavy metals. (Patent No. FR 2837388)


2. Mild exfoliation with natural cellulose


    The cellulose particles, natural ingredient, remove cleanly dead skin cells and wastes of the skin and makes the skin smooth and moist.


3. Mild peeling for sensitive skin


    A formula filled with moisture removes dead skin cells without irritating the skin and it contains botanical ingredients to help calm mildly the stressed skin.


※ ENPRANI Cleansing Technology (Pollu Micro Clean™)



▶ Formulation & Feeling




 : It is gommage type peeling gel which is gently peeled from skin surface and is agglomerated together with dead skin cells.
    A moist and soft texture gives a clear, smooth skin texture after use.


▶ How to use


 : Apply an appropriate amount to the face in a uniform thickness, then rub gently from inside to outside for about 2 minutes,

    then remove the dead skin cells and wash it with lukewarm water.
    (Recommended to use 2 to 3 times a week)


* Depending on the skin condition, we recommend using once or twice a week.


* Please use after removing the water completely.


* Please roll by avoiding around your eyes so that the peeling gel does not get in your eyes.


* If you rub too hard, it may cause skin irritation. So please roll like a gentle massage.



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