Holika Holika Sweet Peko Edition Peko Zzang Bread Puff

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Holika Holika Sweet Peko Edition Peko Zzang Bread Puff



▶ Manufacturing company : ENPRANI


▶ Place of origin:Korea


▶ Main ingredients


 : Polyurethane


▶ Product Description


 : Bread Puff that expresses smooth skin


▶ Product Features


1. The more you tap it, the better the adhesion!


    Lightly tapping with a puff makes it possible to adhere a variety of base products such as foundation, cushion and blusher to create a smooth skin expression.


2. NON-LATEX material that can use even on sensitive skin


    NON-LATEX puff can be used safely even on sensitive skin with latex allergy.


3. Moist skin expression


    It is a polyurethane material with high hydrophilicity. When wetted with water, it is filled with moisture, and it is possible to express more moist and radiant watery skin.





 : It is possible to do quickly and easily base makeup with the bigger size than general air puff.


▶ How to use



1. Quick cover on the wide area


    Using the flat, wide area of the puff, you can do base makeup easily and quickly by tapping on a wide area such as the forehead and the cheeks.



2. Delicate cover on the narrow area


    Fold the puff in half, and cover the narrow and curved area such as around the eyes and nose, and around the mouth with pointed side.





1. Moist skin expression


    Bread puff that swells up when you wet it or spray mist!
    It is possible to express a glossy, watery skin with smoother and softer feel.


* The wet bread puff returns to its original size as it dries.



2. Witih Melty Jelly Blusher


    Apply the Melty Jelly Blusher with wet bread puff by tapping lightly to express blusher naturally like a watercolor


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