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ENPRANI Le Premier Skin Cover Pact 14g+14g(Refill)

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ENPRANI Le Premier Skin Cover Pact

▶ Country of origin : Republic of Korea

▶ Volume : 14g/0.49 oz.+14g/0.49 oz.(Refill) 

▶ Major ingredients


: Platinum Jewel Complex, Silk amino acids, Peptide Complex, Madecasoside extract, Camellia extract, Sesame oil extract


▶ Product description


: High Cover Skin cover for all kinds of skin imperfections such as spots, dullness, trouble marks, freckles, etc., 

 provides smooth, glowing cover light skin.


: Covers smoothly skin texture imperfections and uneven skin tone, creating a pottery-like skin with bright and luxurious light.


: Based on a highly concentrated essence ingredient that replenishes moisture in the skin 

 and forms a moisturizing film, without bundle, delivering smooth gloss and nutrition.






▶ How to use


: Take an appropriate amount and apply using the built-in puff thinly along the skin texture and finish by tapping.



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