FACE HALO Makeup Cleanser (3EA)

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FACE HALO Makeup Cleanser

▶ Manufacturer:FACE HALO

▶ Country of origin:South Korea

▶ Contents:3EA

▶ Product description

 : Microfiber which is about one-hundredth size of a hair cleanses even the pores.

 : Thicker and soft halo pads minimize skin friction and irritation

 : Can be reused after cleaning up to 200 times with one sheet


▶ How to use

 1. Soak the Face Halo in the flowing water. Cold and hot water are all ok!

 2. Gently wipe off your makeup. It's okay if you don't rub hard.
 3. Wash and use again. You can reuse about 200 times.


 - If you want to remove eye makeup or dark makeup, apply the Face Halo soaked in water to the makeup area for 5-10 seconds and then wipe it off.
 - Do not use fabric softener when washing with washing machine.
 - Soap is more effective than hand cleansing foam when washing hands.
 - Recommendation team: Wash soap immediately after use and wash with a washing machine once or twice a week.


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