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[Outlet] UNLEASHIA Get Jewel Palette

Code: 1584669352 | Weight: 100g

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UNLEASHIA Get Jewel Palette
▶ Country of origin : South Korea

▶ Contents : 6.2g / 0.218 oz.

▶ Product description

 : Pressed glitter of large particles shining brilliantly like a mashed gem

 : It is a smooth spreading formula that keeps twinkling for a long time with a light fit without pearl flutter.

 : This is a multi-use item that can be used not only for the face but also for the body.






▶ How to use

 : Take an appropriate amount on the brush or fingertips and apply it to the desired area.


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  • ★★★★★ | Col*** | 2020-12-17

    These are great eyeshadows. It is useful for everyday. These last all day for me with an eyeshadow primer and flesh tones paint pot. Great quality for the price! It was a great decision

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1 Didn't expect.. jaz*** 2020-11-16
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