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THE SAEM DERMA PLAN Green Bubble Foam Cleanser

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THE SAEM DERMA PLAN Green Bubble Foam Cleanser
▶ Country of origin : South Korea

▶ Contents : 150ml/5.07 fl.oz.

▶ Main Ingredients

 : Derma AC solution, quince extract, lemon balm extract, orange flower extract, vegetable surfactant

▶ Product description
 : Hypoallergenic bubble cleanser that soft and rich bubbles moisturize and cleanse the skin

 : Derma AC solution, a complex of specialized ingredients that delicately cares for the worries of sensitive oily skin,
   soothes skin worries and creates healthy skin.

 : It is an acne functional foam that cleans with abundant foam, and the salicylic acid component of acne-relieving effect
   cleanses excess sebum and wastes cleanly.

 : Nutritious quince, lemon balm, and orange flower extract help the skin converge and provide a refreshing moisturizing effect.

 : A mildly acidic bubble foam containing plant-derived cleaning ingredients gently cleanses sensitive skin and protects
   the skin's natural moisture.


▶ How to use

 : Pump an appropriate amount and rub it like a massage on a wet face, then wash it off with lukewarm water.

 * All items of Derma Plan do not contain artificial flavors.
   You may feel the natural smell of raw materials that help moisturize and sensitive skin care, but please use it
   with confidence because it is the raw material's original scent rather than the abnormality of the product.


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