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MEDIHEAL Tension Flex Hydra Mask 10ea

Code: 1593759848 | Weight: 360g

36.16 USD
Total Price : 36.16 USD

▶ Manufacturing company : ECISCOSMETIC
▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume  :( 25ml/0.845 oz.)*10ea

▶ Product Description

: Gives firm skin and clear looking impression

: Strong tension feeling even after removing the sheet

: Tension up not only on the chin, but on the entire face!

: Skin irritation test completed

: Self adhesive effect between fabrics!


: Moistly close delivery & Special ingredient care for moisture

8-fold hyaluronic acid, 4-ceramide, yeast/rice fermentation filtrate added


: 54 V-cutting compression mask sheets born after various research on compressed V-cutting that fits various face types

: The dignity of adhesion that sticks to the skin like a magnet according to the every curvature of the face

: A huge holding force that pulls up the chin and cheeks and keeps them tight

▶ How to use

1. When attaching the sheet, attach it so that the round horn on the forehead is on the right side.

2. Attach the eye, nose, and mouth holes while stretching the sheet to fit your face size.

3. Attach the fabrics of both wings below each side of the cheek area from the tip of the mouth to the side of the eye,
  with the fabric in close contact with the skin.


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36.16 USD
Total Price : 36.16 USD