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THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Deep Moisturizing Cleansing Oil Tissue

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THE FACE SHOP Yehwadam Deep Moisturizing Cleansing Oil Tissue
▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume  : 50 sheets

▶ Product Description

: Yehwadam is a line that delivers Korean beauty based on a reinterpretation of traditional beauty methods in Korean old books.

: A highly moisturizing cleansing line that keeps your skin moist and shine after cleansing

: Premium cleansing oil tissue with a soft and smooth feel

: It reinforces the skin's natural moisturizing layer while the oil component is moisturizing the skin in a soft microfiber fabric.

▶ How to use

: Take one piece at a time and gently wipe it from the inside to the outside according to the skin texture.

: Then double-wash your face with cleansing foam.

: When using around the eyes, close the eyes and wipe carefully not to get the contents into the eyes.

: Close the lid after use to prevent the contents from drying out.


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11.36 USD
Total Price : 11.36 USD