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[Outlet] SOONNOC Aqua Cleansing Bar

Code: 1598511689 | Weight: 120g

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soonnoc Aqua Cleansing Bar
Date of Manufacture :01 August.2020
The expiration date is 36 months after manufacture, 12 months after opening

▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume  : 50g/1.76 oz.

▶ Product Description

: It contains 6 ingredients, including highly concentrated aloe, baobab leaf, and argan fruit extract.

: Cleansing soothing care, blackhead removal, dead skin cells removal, makeup cleansing at once!

: Sunnoc Aqua Bar protects the skin barrier and cares with a moisturizing complex cleansing that replenishes moisture.

: The 62% rich moisture essence contained in the bar keeps your skin moist after cleansing.


: Soothing care at once while washing with rich foam


▶ How to use

1. If you make bubbles using the enclosed foam net, you can make a richer and more firm foam.
 (Using too much foam may shorten the service life.)

2. Make enough firm foam.

3. For deep cleansing, add foam and rub thoroughly.

4. After use, keep it in a foam net and hang it on a hanger.

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1.55 USD
Total Price : 1.55 USD