JeongJun Industry Magic Korean Body Back Scrub Towel

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JeongJun Industry Magic Korean Body Back Scrub Towel

▶ Manufacturing company : JeongJun Industry

▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume  : 1EA

▶ Product Description

 : A magical smearing glove that minimizes skin irritation and makes it more greasy.

 : It is a well-being product that is made of natural fibers, so that the dirt is crushed into powder, dissolved with
   soap and then put in water and shaken with gloves.

 : It is a soft cotton linter with fine fibers attached to the black cotton seeds left after cultivation of cotton wool,
   which can be felt even in tyrume gloves.

▶ How to use

 : After soaping the gloves, remove the dirt from your body.


 : Be sure to apply soap on gloves before use.

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