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☆BTS JUNGKOOK's PICK☆ KUNDAL Perfume Natural Soy Candle

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KUNDAL Perfume Natural Soy Candle

▶ Manufacturing company : Herb Family

▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume : 500g / 17.6 oz.

▶ Main Ingredients

 : Soy Wax, Coconut Oil

▶ Product Description

 : Kundal Perfum Soy Candle, which is completed with a fantastic blend of 100% natural soy wax and coconut oil,
   fills the space with a long burning time of about 85 hours, subtly and richly.

 : Premium eco-wick containing Germany's sophisticated technology is used for optimized combustion for large
   capacity candles.


 : Soft and lovely sweet scent.


 : With attractive musk and subtle floral scents, scent exciting everyone.


 : Refreshing and mild soapy scent as if you just came out of a shower.



 : Seductive scent that calls for love.


▶ How to use

1. To prevent soot, cut the wick to 3~5mm and use it.

2. For a rich scent, burn it until the top is evenly melted.

3. When extinguishing a candle, use a candle wick dipper or stick to prevent smoke by immersing the wick
    in candle wax and extinguishing it.

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