fillimilli Silicon Body Brush

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fillimilli Silicon Body Brush

▶ Manufacturing company : J&K Alliance

▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume : 1EA

▶ Product Description

 : The rounded tip and soft silicone bristles allow you to shower thoroughly without irritation.

 : It finishes with a refreshing finish with short, hard bumps that cool the itchy area.

 : Made of moisture-resistant silicone material, it can be used hygienically for a long time without mold or

▶ How to use
1. Wet the brush in lukewarm water, then put a small amount of body wash on the brush hair to create bubbles.

2. Gently massage the entire body in a circular motion from the tips of your hands or feet toward the center of
    your body.

3. After use, completely dry out of direct sunlight.

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14.46 USD
Total Price : 14.46 USD