CROON Angel Cleansing Puff Single Pack

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CROON Angel Cleansing Puff Single Pack

▶ Place of origin:Austria
▶ Product Description

 : A daily face-washing puff that cleanses with only water.

 : Fibers that are one-hundredth the thickness of a hair wipe away wastes in microscopic areas that cannot
   be reached by hand.

 : It restores the balance of acne, sensitive, and excessive sebum skin to create healthy skin.

 : It cleans pores and increases the lasting power of makeup in the morning and helps the cream to be
   absorbed in the evening.


▶ How to use

1. Wet the puff with enough warm water to moisten it.

2. After wet with water, gently wipe the face in a circular motion.

3. After washing your face with warm water, dry it with a clean towel.

4. After use, wash the puff thoroughly with soap and water.

5. After washing, dry with a towel for quick drying.

6. Dry in a well-ventilated place for next use.

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