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Romand Dewyfull Water Tint

Code: 1632808408 | Weight: 50g

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Rom&nd Dewyfull Water Tint 
▶ Place of origin: Korea

▶ Contents: 5g / 0.17 oz.

▶ Product description

  : Easy and comfortable  tint that can be applied every day without any burden.

  : Contains 4 types of herbal extracts for non-drying and moisturizing feeling

  : Transparent color that can be maintained even if you apply one or two noses

  : Clear color layering that is clear and not cloudy

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  • ★★★★★ | day*** | 2024-04-04

    compré el tono berry divine y es simplemente hermoso el color, la textura y el empaque, me estaba que oliera rico como las juicy lasting pero huele diferente, algo raro, pero está bien uwu, es un hermoso acabado


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