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INNISFREE Black Tea Youth Enhancing Ampoule 50ml

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INNISFREE Black Tea Youth Enhancing Ampoule
▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume  : 50ml/1.69 fl. oz.

▶ Product Description

 : ​A black tea ampoule that quickly resets dull skin with mild ingredients and skin antioxidant properties.

 : Skin antioxidant and anti-aging ingredients discovered by Innisfree, a 10-year green tea maker, extracted 80% fermented black tea
   for 12 hours.

 : If you sleep with the black tea ampoule, you can feel the amazing elasticity of the skin the next day.

 : Skin irritation tests have also been completed so that you can use it every day comfortably with a mild feeling.

이니스프리-블랙티 앰플-그 블랙티를 80℃의 미네랄수에서 12시간 동안 추출


▶ How to use
☆ Daytime : In the essence stage, gently apply 3~5 drops to absorb enough.

☆ Night : Using 3 layering method
               1. Moisture loss lost to the whole skin
               2. Layering one more layer to provide long-lasting moisture during the night
               3. Forming a moisture barrier with the last 3 layers
               *It is better if you make a moisture barrier with cream.

☆ Night care
 : Let 2~3 drops lightly absorb from the inside out in the order of cheeks, forehead, nose, mouth, and neck.
   One more time around the eyes and mouth, which tends to become dry
   Apply 1~2 drops all over the face and finish by pressing gently with the palm of your hand.

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