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[23 S/S] Holika Holika Glitz Eyeliner

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[23 S/S] Holika Holika Glitz Eyeliner
▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume : 0.55 g / 0.01 oz.

▶ Product Description
: Glitters with clear and moist and bright .
: With a soft and detailed brush type, draw carefully to the desired atmosphere without worrying about adjusting the amount.
: The high-adhesion moisture gel glitter fixes quickly and keeps it for a long time without powder flying.
: Clean and light fixing without flying pearls!  
▶ How to use
1. Shake at least 3 times before use.
2. Apply it on the eyelids or fat under the eyes and bridge of the nose.
3. After use, be sure to wipe off the residue on the brush with a tissue and store it.

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