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NATURE REPUBLIC Color & Nature Nail Matte Top Coat

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NATURE REPUBLIC Color & Nature Nail Top Coat

▶ Place of origin:South Korea

▶ Internal capacity:8ml / 0.27 oz.

▶ Main ingredients

:Isopropyl alcohol, Triphenyl Phosphate, Drometrizole, Camellia oil, Borage seed oil

▶ Product Description

Easy & quick drying at home.

:Quick drying naturally without UV lamp

:Healthy nail care with camellia oil

:Give moisturizing and shiny

▶ how to use

:Apply nail color and dry thoroughly, then apply thinly.

* Notes

:If it is not completely dry, it may cause color pushing.

:If you use a base coat or top coat together, you can make a nail color expression that is more glossy.

:Please note that if the cap is left open for a long time, the contents may become hardened.


:Base Coat - Color and Nature Glossy Nail - Top Coat

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2.58 USD
Total Price : 2.58 USD