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Innisfree My Perfumed Hand Cream 80ml

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Innisfree My Perfumed Hand Cream

▶ Place of origin:
South Korea

▶ Internal capacity:
80ml/2.70 fl.oz.
▶ Product Description

Formula containing plant-based wax provides long-lasting fragrance and moisture retention.
[Fragrance 06-07]
The shea butter-containing formula is absorbed easily without stickiness.
Quickly moisturizes dry skin.

▶ Type
01 White Shirts (Musky Floral)
The scent of clean laundry just taken out of the dryer.

02 Fluffy Pink (Fruity Floral)
A lovely fruity floral scent that resembles a pink fluffy cloud.

03 Peach Cider (Sweet Fruity)
Sweet fruity scent like peach juice.

04 Dancing Daisy (Floral Musk)
A pure floral scent like a fluttering daisy flower.

05 Snowy Day (Fresh Musk)
A soothing musk scent like the warm air on a snowy day.

06 Blush Rose (Floral Amber)
A bouquet of pink roses brings excitement to the scent of roses.

07 Old Fashioned (Fruity Herbal)
A bitter fruity scent that reminds you of sweet and bitter black tea.


 : Take an appropriate amount on clean hands and apply.


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