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THE FACE SHOP Real Nature Mask Sheet(10P)

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THE FACE SHOP Real Nature Mask Sheet



▶ Manufacturing company : THE FACE SHOP


▶ Place of origin:Korea


▶ Volume : 20g(0.70oz)*10EA


▶ Main ingredients


  : Aloe Vera Leaf Extract(400mg), Shea Butter, Betaine, Dimethicone, Carbomer


▶ Product Description


 : Milder! Moister! Real Nature Mask Sheet with fresh natural plants


 : Real Nature Mask Sheet with high-adhesion sheet


▶ Product Features


1. 5 FREE Formula System


    Free of Paraben, Triethanolamine, Propylene glycol, Tar pigment, Mineral oil


2. Mask sheet full of nourishment


    The mask sheet that delivers natural moisturizing & nourishing ingredients to the skin with the essence made by natural grinding extraction method


3. High-adhesion sheet


    The high-adhesion sheet that a plant sheet extracted from a tree is tightly adhered to the skin along the curved surface


▶ How to use



1. After cleansing, apply the toner to the skin, then take out the sheet and unfold the folded area.


2. Match it starting from the eyes and the nose area, and put it on the whole face evenly.


3. After 10 ~ 15 minutes, remove the mask sheet, then tap lightly the essence remaining on the skin by hand until fully absorbed.




1. ALOE(#Moisturizing #Soothing)


    The essence with rich moisture containing aloe extract mildly soothes sensitive skin.



2. CUCUMBER(#Moisturizing #Recharging)


    The essence containing cucumber extract relieves skin dryness with cool moisture.



3. LEMON(#Brightening)


    The essence containing lemon extract makes dull skin tone clear and bright.



4. RICE(#Brightening)


    The essence containing rice extract makes dull, rough skin texture soft, bright.



5. MUNG BEAN(#Pore #Elasticity)


    The essence containing mung bean extract helps to give pore tightening effect.



6. KELP(#Purifying #Skin)


    The essence containing kelp extract makes tired skin caused by external environment clear.



7. OLIVE(#Intensive #Moisturizing)


    The essence containing olive extract gives soft moisturizing to the dry, rough skin.



8. HONEY(#Nourishing #Moisturizing)


    The essence containing honey extract gives soft moisturizing & nourishing to the dry, rough skin.



9. POMEGRANATE(#Elasticity #Vitality)


    The essence containing pomegranate extract gives elasticity & clear vitality to the skin.



10. BLUEBERRY(#Baby #Skin)


    The essence containing blueberry extract forms firm protective film on the skin to keep vitality.



11. POTATO(#Moist #Soothing)


    The essence containing potato extract soothes tired skin caused by sun with cooling effect.



12. GREEN TEA(#Moisture #Clarifying)


    The essence containing green tea extract fills the skin with moisture to make it clear.



13. BAMBOO(#Vitality #Moisture)


    The essence containing bamboo extract supplies clear moisture to the skin to make it vital.



14. SHEA BUTTER(#Nourishing #Elasticity)


    The essence containing shea butter extract fills the skin with nourishment to give elasticity.



15. AVOCADO(#Moisturizing #Nourishing)


    The essence containing avocado extract supplies rich nourishment to the skin to give comfortable moisturizing.



16. LOTUS(#Moisture #Purifying)


    The essence containing lotus extract gives rich moisture and purifying effect to the skin.



17. LINGZHI(#Nourishing #Elasticity)


    The essence containing lingzhi extract fills skin with nourishment and makes it moist, elastic.



18. CALENDULA(#Soothing #Moisturizing)


    The essence containing calendula extract soothes comfortably irritated and sensitive skin.



19. TEA TREE(#Refreshing #Soothing)


    The essence containing tea tree extract makes oily, dull skin caused by excessive sebum clean.



20. RED GINSENG(#Elasticity)


    The essence containing red ginseng extract supplies deep nourishment to the skin that has lost its elasticity, and gives elasticity.






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