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THE FACE SHOP Mascream Lifting sheet 5EA

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THE FACE SHOP Mascream  Lifting sheet
▶ Place of origin:South Korea
▶ Volume  : (40ml/1.35 oz.)*5EA

▶ Product Description

 : Cream's unique efficacy and moisturizing feeling more powerful than essence.

 : A sheet of coziness and closeness as if covered with clouds.

 : Tight tension of split microfiber with elasticity.

 : Anti-aging cream filled with thick sheets with good moisture retention.

 : Lifting care felt on the whole face with a special design application sheet.

▶ Type

#01 Elasticity

 : Anti-wrinkle functional cosmetics

 : A mask cream sheet that intensively strengthens elasticity of skin with elasticity cream containing marine collagen
   and truffle extract.

#02 Hydrating

 : Anti-wrinkle functional cosmetics

 : A mask cream sheet that creates moisture barrier for moist skin with moisture cream containing hyaluronic acid
   and elder extract.

#03 Radiance

 : Whitening, wrinkle improvement dual functional cosmetics

 : A mask cream sheet that makes dull skin tone clear and bright with whitening cream containing black pearl extract
   and argan oil.

#04 Moisturizing

 : Anti-wrinkle functional cosmetics

 : A mask cream that provides strong moisturizing effect on dry skin with high moisturizing cream containing ceramide.


▶ How to use

1. After washing face with lukewarm water, clean up the skin texture with toner, then take out the mask and spread it out.

2. Put the upper part of the sheet close to the face first, aligning the eyes and nose.

3. Hold both ends of the lower part of the sheet, wrap it tightly from the chin and pull it up to the marked part of the forehead
    as far as possible.

4. Apply the remaining cream on the pouch or use it on necessary areas such as neck and body.

5. After about 10~20 minutes, remove the mask and pat the remaining cream on the skin for absorption.


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