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Holika Holika Good Cera Super Ceramide Moisture Balm

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Holika Holika Good Cera Super Ceramide Moisture Balm


▶ Place of origin:Korea


▶ Internal capacity:40ml / 1.35 fl.oz.

▶ Description of item 


:Moisture balm that gives powerful moisturizing and concentrated nutrition to sensitive skin.

:It maintains a pH 5.5 slightly acidic pH close to the skin's pH value, and cares for healthy skin.


:Power Ceramide™ is prescribed to protect the skin and prevent moisture from escaping to the outside.


:It removes unnecessary old keratins mildly and strengthens the skin care effect of the next step.

:A highly concentrated balm with a soft ointment formulation, highly concentrated textures

    that can be used on dry and dull areas give instant moisturizing effects.


:No added 7 harmful ingredients

 (Artificial pigment, Artificial flavor, Mineral oil, Triethanolamine, Talc, Petrolatum, Benzophenone FREE)






▶ How to use


: Apply and spread it to especially dry and cracked skin frequently.(Dry lips, cracked skin, makeup areas)

   * It is good to use mixed with lotion or cream.








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